15 September 2013

Rahu in 5th House & Ketu in 11th House

Dear ardent readers here comes the fifth in the series of Rahu / Ketu  in 5th House & 11th House, The earlier series on Rahu / Ketu in Signs published in 2007 also is equally important & worthwhile reading, however care should be taken not to apply these writings verbatim on any chart, as there are many other factors, combinations, aspects etc which need to be studied always before coming to any conclusion.

The Rahu in the fifth house indicates pleasure in regard to the children, who will be intelligent and have a generous measure of luck in life. This position is also fortunate for an artist, or anyone who is connected with matters that appeal to the mind. It is good for theatrical managers, musicians, and all engaged in artistic occupations. For everyone, it is a sign of luck in games and speculation; but prudence must be exercised in this direction, as an evil aspect of Mars to this house would upset everything. It is especially at the period of the annual revolution that this position of the Rahu is fortunate for speculating, if the horoscope at birth on the whole shows that the native is lucky.
The Ketu in the Eleventh House does not always bring friends and acquaintances of a specially high social status. It causes the native to come into contact with people who may do him harm. Some of his associates will not be disinterested, and will try to cause him pecuniary losses. This position may also indicate a heavy monetary loss to the Mother, or Wife,  or Partner or co-workers if the Moon is in bad aspect.
Through self-expression, he will find fulfillment. Attention must be given to developing his own desires; and he will not be led by others. In the past the attitude was ‘Let others do it’. Now others won’t do it, and the person has to develop his own goals and objectives. Friends have helped in the past, and thereby weakened the person instead of strengthening him. Dependence is a habit pattern buried deeply in the subconscious; but this time the will to stand on one’s own strength and attain their own goals is the necessary ingredient for a successful life.
A person having Rahu in the 5th needs to learn to use his heart and become attached in a very personal way. He needs to love deeply and intensely on a one-to-one basis. There is also a deficiency or delay concerning children in his life. The children can be physical, mental, or spiritual offspring. He should develop a great desire to be creative in some endeavor. this person cannot seem to hold onto love until later in life, because he simply does not know how. He seems able to succeed in this more successfully when he meets someone with Ketu in the fifth. Aspects to this position of Rahu/Ketu are very important in determining whether he has the strength to acquire this new growth. As an example, bad aspects to the Moon could give emotional problems by loss of touch with reality in this regard. Rahu here needs to learn to consider self in loving. He may not be able to express his love fully.
Ketu in the eleventh is unattached love. It is too detached and selfless. Friendships, social affairs, reforming drives, and advanced ideas in human relationships are part of the perfected Ketu in the eleventh. This person is friendly and open, and instinctively knows society’s needs. Friends can turn into lovers; and he truly needs an intense love affair to fulfill his soul’s destiny. People with the Ketu in the eleventh house suffer real discomfort in close relationships between members of the opposite sex. They have very utopian ideals where human needs are concerned. This varies with signs and aspects, but these ideals must be used as a basis of leadership in social and / or political causes where he can teach others humanitarian ideals. Here, we find many government officials or those dealing with the public welfare.

This condition often signifies close relationship with children. They have fairly good success in love / romance, but regarding friendships they may have many disappointments. Their love given to others is much more elaborate than what they receive back. This imbalance in love exchange creates internal inferiority complex in them; and sometimes frustrations affect the relationship. Their creative ideas can be out-of-this-world and at times ahead of time as well. They often find their vista-sphere of life is limited, and many of their goals and ambitions remain as a fantasy. Their love affairs often have a  previous life connection; and they can feel that awareness when they are with others.
Here the individual is learning about the creative process. He spends much time in the clouds, hitching his wagon to some distant dream or pondering through his vast multitude of fantastic ideas. In past incarnations, he lived for the fulfillment of wishes. Now his world of wispy dreams is so ornamented with the accumulated fragrance of promise that it takes a great deal of realistic prodding to shake him loose.
From a young age, he has learned to become a ‘people-watcher’, spending most of his conscious hours pondering the possibilities of other people’s actions. As a result of prior lives, he has learned to become highly imaginative and inventive; at times he is even ingenious, but he is too used to spending most of his mental powers working out the intricate plots of his fantastic daydreams.
He never ceases to amaze himself at the oddities he can conjure up within his own mind; but for all his ingenuity he is one of the least practical people of the zodiac. He is always deeply enmeshed in thought. what he is really doing is seeking symbols which will provide new material for future dreams.
His duty is to learn the importance of dreams, inasmuch as how they explain his life. Ultimately he comes to realize that his entire existence has consisted of acting out his dreams, to the point that he has become the puppet of his own fantasies.
When he does come down to earth, his first instinct is to reach for friends who in either appearance or behavior remind him of the characters of his fantasyland.
His mind is constantly drifting off into the distant future; and there, in the science fiction of a century as yet unlived, he indulges himself in the intriguing fascination of the remotest possibilities which would otherwise have little or no bearing on his current life. Still, he likes to ponder.
He thinks much about the value of his work as well as of the effects of his childhood, both of which he blames for his difficulties in coping with his sex urges.
The truth is that neither his work nor his parents, nor even his sex urges truly bother him, but instead his frustration arises from the gap he sees between the reality of his past-life dream-world and the sharp awakening circumstances through whose boundaries and limitations his current life is actually lived.
He finds it difficult to understand why there is a barrier between dreams and actions; and as a result, he spends much effort trying to break through the walls of limitation that separate one world from the other.
But all the while he is dissipating his strength; and the more he does this, the less he is able to create his own life.
He must realize that through his fifth house Rahu he is now given the greatest gift that man can receive - the power to create his own identity. By studying the process of creation, he can become aware that it is his own thoughts that have caused all the circumstances that he deems real in his life. He must then go further to understand the link between his thought and his dreams, for truly it is his life of dreams that in greater measure than he thinks is creating his life on earth.
He must learn to be responsible about his dreams and careful of what he wishes for, since he, more than one with any other Nodal position in the zodiac, will actually see his dreams materialize. But always the physical effect of each dream comes with a slight twist; enough to make him aware of the danger of creating selfishly.
This individual will have to live his dreams long after he remembers the reasons for them. It is a strong part of his continuing karma to understand ‘wish power’; and how better to understand it than by living through the consequences of all his wishes?
Thus, his life is both a blessing and a curse for each time he rubs Aladdin’s lamp his soul will either move higher on the wings of spirit or sink miserably in the depths of his own private hell.
He is learning that the dreams of his eleventh house Ketu are under the ruler-ship of lord of 11th house, where they must be directed towards a service for humanity; and that the more he wishes for others, the more he will ultimately have for himself. But when he reverses this process, his life becomes a veritable shambles.
If he chooses to create for himself, he faces the unfortunate results of misusing a sacred gift, for his dreams ultimately will become so jaded as to be utterly worthless insofar as they are able to bring him happiness.
Unless this position fall in Water and Earth signs, they can cause difficulty in relationships and marriage due to so much past-life residue of non-attachment.
Major turning points in the current life revolve around children, through whose eyes the individual comes to understand his own sense of self-worth. He observes how children put their dreams into action, and soon comes to realize that instead of making his dreams the plans for his future he actually has been allowing them to block every present moment. Once he sees his dreams as a well with no bottom, he is able to let go of the castles in the sky and focus his attention on whatever he is creating in the present.
To do this, he even reaches the point of becoming aware of how he allows his great need for friendships to dissipate his creative energies.
More than anything else, he desires to be a doer; but it is only after he gives up every personal dream that he can become strong enough to take the building blocks of his life and put them together. He must literally take the bull by the horns instead of allowing himself to be led through the world his soul remembers.
To accomplish this, he would do well to spend much of his time learning self-discipline, for only through the ability to guide himself will he ultimately be able to surface from the deep waters in which for lifetimes he has submerged his hopes and his dreams.
The sign which contains the Ketu shows the ways in which past-life dreams continue into this incarnation. The sign which contains the Rahu indicates how the individual can constructively apply all his dreams to reality through expressing creatively all he feels inside.
Some highly evolved souls with this position have experienced Cosmic Consciousness in a former life. Now through their fifth house Rahu they are here to bring this awareness to the children of earth.
Fulfill dreams in a practical way. Develop potential for enjoying leisure time in an active, tangible way. Exploit ability to bring pleasure to others. Examine feelings about children, childrearing and procreation. Don’t use group priorities as an excuse for neglecting your personal goals.
In the fifth house, there’s a hang-up about self-expression. Here we have the social climber of the show-off. Humility is either lacking or perverted in some way. In some way, the ability to verbalize your attitudes is detrimental to relationship formation. Romance is usually the most common area of difficulty, although parent-child relationships and social life in general can suffer as well. Sometimes there’s a tendency to expect your children to do what you couldn’t, whether it’s marry a millionaire, become a brain surgeon, or simply be the most popular child in the class.
Rahu in the fifth house wants to be considered loyal, above all else. Fun, romance, and children often play a role in the dream motif. This person wants to be thought of as a powerful instrument or advocate of good. This person tends to be rather moody. He or she is inclined to attract sensitive souls to befriend; sometimes these people are cranky or difficult, and severely test Rahu in fifth’s desire to remain loyal. Parents are generally a strong influence for better or worse. Often there’s over-concern about whether the parents will approach of their actions or not. If the person chooses to break away from parental dominance, he or she may suffer severe guilt pangs that hinder effective functioning. The dream of loyalty must be tempered by a primary loyalty to self before the rest of the dream can be fulfilled.

You need to explore creativity and imagination, discover the dreaming mind’s potential, and learn to apply this in life. Releasing innate creativity will enrich your life and others’. Your mind and subjective  life fascinates, and you can become inwardly preoccupied. Daydreaming is likely; and considerable energy can be directed toward stimulating imagination, with a view to elaborating your more inventive dreams. Your inner life can develop as a weaving of imagination, dreams, desires and fantasies.
Yet this ability is a two-edged sword; it can enrich life, adding an extra dimension interwoven with physical reality, or it can become a conditioning force, distorting reality through attempting to rule and direct your life, trying to force you to act out fantasy roles. You need to ensure that you remain master and not become a slave to a creative process which can become powerfully obsessive. You may avoid living fully in the present, instead allowing dreams to fill you with future options and compensatory worlds in which you are preoccupied with what could be or what is hoped for. This may be allowed to happen whenever your present situation fails to match projections and it becomes too painful to confront the fact that dreams have failed to materialize.
You prefer associations with friends, partners, or groups that stimulate this dream tendency, those whose attitudes are supportive of you, or whose interests offer material for imagination. Often you reject those who confront you with your present reality. Eventually, the abyss between your dreams and actual reality will be exposed, and this will pose a direct challenge to your progress.
Once you stand before this abyss, you cannot avoid confrontation. Looking for a way forward, you may become interested in exploring psychology or the occult, hoping for self-understanding. You aim to discover the powerful ability to create your ideal future. By studying, observing, and experimenting with your mind and imagination, you may realize that it is by aspirational dreams, thoughts, and imagination that life progresses. These are the roots of all choice and decision-making - if both will and application are potent enough to manifest desires. This is the belief behind the techniques of creative visualization, and these are powerful methods to use for self-transformation and life-style change.
You may observe that it is difficult to manifest purely, and that many dreams are too selfish and thus become distorted in the process of becoming real. You need to understand this process of ‘creative wishing’. The most effective way is by experiencing the results in real life. You can learn how to control and direct this ability to create those situations for which you take responsibility. Ideally, you will discover that your dreams and imagination can also benefit others; selfish dreams may eventually be revealed as providing no lasting enrichment or satisfaction. Basically, the ability to manifest one’s thoughts is the creative process; this is an important psychological and magical skill. What is required is considerable self-knowledge in order that this not be abused. It is a power that can be dangerous; and the only safeguard lies in the power being applied with the good of others in mind.
In the 5th house, we are concerned with proving ourselves or presenting ourselves, in a direct way, to the ‘You’. We must learn to face everyone openly and fearlessly, and must be capable of somehow drawing attention to ourselves as individuals. The 5th house is one of the three houses which have to do, in the most intense and direct way, with self-presentation and self-promotion. The most apt description of the 5th house is that it signifies the development of ‘presence’ - to be self-assured and not easily put off by a critical word or a short retort; to be able to persuade others by our confident bearing and by the strength of our personality. These are prominent features of this placement.
Eroticism also belongs to the fifth house, but the mistake is often made of confusing eroticism with sexual appetite. Sex can be one of its functions, but sexuality occurs in all the houses, although admittedly in different forms and connections. In itself, eroticism is not sexual, but rather emotional or sensorial attraction that may function also among people of the same sex as friendship or platonic love. It is the direct, vital connection between one human being and another. It is felt as a tingling and excitement when in the neighborhood of a certain person. This is not unconditionally sexual. The purpose of eroticism is to put one in touch with others by means other than conversation.
With this position in the 5th house, the native has to seek closeness to others, a closeness that is stimulating and conveys a permanent sense of warmth. In this respect, eroticism can be incredibly fine, cultivated, and elevated. Physically, it is tactile and involves entering the field of vibration of another and experiencing the interaction of one’s own vibrational field with it. Of course, this can operate in the sexual area, where the erotic is a primary impulse. This placement in the 5th house requires us to be straightforward and direct: then the other person will respond to us and our influence, and we shall have vital encounters. The 5th house is a Fire house; so, inevitably, the encounters it promotes are vital.
Inhibitions are natural; but, with this placement, it is very important that we do not allow ourselves to be overcome by our situation, but that we remain ourselves. Otherwise this pole, which is one that specifically represents us, can no longer exist as part of a dual or multiple erotic field of vibration, but is overwhelmed. Thus this position requires us to be active and strong in a relationship.
Therefore we must be ready to experiment, and to take risks. When we make contact with a person and feel these vibrations, we do not know what will come of it. We may decide to stay as we are for the most part. Then, in principle, nothing negative can occur, and we shall harm no-one. The concentration is at the ‘I’; the ‘You’ reacts to it, and the ‘I’ is strengthened by meeting a strong ‘I’: both of them sharpen their identities and profit from the encounter.
If the Rahu is in the fifth house, the person’s greatest growth, evolution, and fulfillment come through performing creative acts, attaining recognition, and developing the ego. Self-expression and personal power are essential. In past lives, the person may have been detached, unemotional, and indifferent to approval and acknowledgement. Now, he must seek out status, accolades, leadership, and honor. Above all, he must create a life which is regarded as significant and meaningful. Theatre and film are favored, as are all other artistic endeavors. The person should strive for prominence and fame. He should promote himself and his work. He must abandon his old tendencies of modesty, altruism, and obscurity.
In previous incarnations, the person may have lived a life of group activity, always being with friends and companions. Now he must delve deeply into passionate love affairs and all matters of the heart. He should enjoy the pleasures of romance, sensuality, and eroticism. Children are extremely important and fulfilling. The person finds great value in working with youth. He may decide to teach, so that his influence will live on through his pupils. He must act with integrity, honesty, and warmth. He should strive for individuality, and resist the temptation to follow the dictates and opinions of others. He is here for his own needs, concerns, and pleasures, not for those of society. He should honor his desires and instincts more than his rational mind.
Pride, dignity, and self-respect should be cultivated. The person has to realize the unique and special nature of his personality. He should work on developing confidence and a regal demeanor. The more he becomes the center of attention, the greater his evolution will be and the faster he will attain perfection. He should guard against shyness, timidity, and an unassuming manner. He gains great benefit from fun and pleasure, and should immerse himself completely in earthly matters. The person may enjoy sports, stocks, and all other forms of speculation. Careers involving entertainment and personal creativity are favored. Faith and loyalty in this life are important.
Rahu in the fifth house indicates powerful or worldly children, cravings for material benefits, and unsettled peace of mind. The person is considered to have died in his last life while contemplating his money and possessions. Now he is easily able to fulfill his materialistic desires. Unfortunately, however, his cravings may be never-ending. The Ketu in the eleventh house means spiritual or psychic friends, difficulties with groups, and strong ability to realize major goals and ambitions in life.


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