26 March 2007

Details of Rahu in Leo (Simh) and Ketu in Acquarius (Kumbh)

Rahu in Leo helps the native to realise his desires, which are of a lofty nature. He has a fine ambition; and even if he is not an artist, he is none the less a man of good taste, a lover of form and of everything that is fine and noble.

His fine imagination should enable him to discover or invent new, pleasing and attractive things, which will profit him. His enquiring mind makes him continually desire to know and learn everything new. This helps him to progress. Rahu in Leo enables the native to conquer the difficulties of life.

Ketu in Aquarius causes the native to be easily deceived. He is inclined to be indolent. He does not react, nor know how to act wisely; and this is detrimental to him. People should be kind, but they should know how to discriminate, and this is not the case with Ketu in Aquarius, as the native is too much inclined to listen to fine words. This position also indicates deceit over love matters; it is a sign of infidelity on the part of the native or his partner. It also upsets iether the mental or the physical balance.

Rahu in Leo gives executive ability and qualities of leadership. Needs to be independent to do a good job. Has nobility and pride. The virtue hidden in pride is self-respect. To this, Leo has the right. If self-respect is lacking, the individual would have the ability to cultivate it in this life.

Ketu in Aquarius shows the past habits have been to retreat from the world because of a snobbishness or distaste. Strong egocentric tendencies have to be overcome.

The Leo Rahu symbolizes a struggle with the will. In this incarnation, the individual is learning to develop strength within himself. Conditions force him to stand alone, very often with the absence of shoulders to lean on. He eventually learns that if his life is to be better it must be created by himself. But before he can build any such creations he must overcome his lackadaisical carefree attitude.

He still continues a past-life tendency to spend too much time feeling sorry for himself at his lack of friends when he feels they are needed most. Somehow in moments of stress, others always seem to be absent. Long periods of loneliness, isolation and in many cases a good part of the time spent as a hermit are not uncommon.

Ultimately, when the mind is made up, there is little that can sway this individual from his destiny. He must learn that his isolation is a self-imposed prerequisite for gathering strength. Very capable of strong leadership in this life, he must learn to overcome all doubts within the self.

The continuance of his past-life desires for friendships actually weaken him, as they do little to build his individual confidence. He must learn how to become more goal-oriented rather than following his accustomed tendency to dissipate his energies. The interesting thing is that while he continues to think he needs others to answer his questions, he rarely takes their advice.

The friends that he does have will be from all walks of life. In a sense, this increases his scope, for they bring to him now the awareness that he earned in former incarnations.

Once determination takes root, there is no stopping the path towards success, for he does not like to settle for second best. Much thought is given to the future. In fact, he is used to living there, until one day he makes the realization that ‘today is yesterday’s tomorrow’ and that nothing will exist in the future that is not created now!

He is not the easiest of people to understand, for he will do anything to retain and emphasize his own sense of individuality. In past incarnations, he developed a detachment from the majority of the world, allowing him to feel free to go his own way. Now he takes pride in being unique and different, caring not as much for the traditions of society as for whatever rules he has set up for himself.

His main difficulty in this life is a lack of control. Without discipline he can generate his power into useless projects, until he realizes that nobody will stand over him with a whip.

If he builds on past-life knowledge, he has a great ability to do something for the human race, for he is capable of depersonalizing his actions for the good of all mankind.

Many with these Nodes live a rags-to-riches life, the big change coming after the tendency to overlook is turned into an ability to oversee! Their greatest amazement occurs when they discover prior-life talents in themselves that they never thought they had.

Happiness is reached once principles to which to dedicate the life are found. Furthermore, these principles must be unshakable so that the individual feels he is creating something solid. He will then identify his life in terms of the size of the principles to which he has attached himself.

Disturbed by the scattered activities of others, which remind him of his own past incarnations, he feels the strong need to see life moving along a directed course towards a specified goal. Still, he wants to retain his complete independence. As a result, he finds it difficult to tolerate others cramping his style. When they do, they will find him constantly testing limits.

The Aquarius Ketu brings with it past life roots strongly embedded in the principles of fairness and equality. In the current life, the individual is given the opportunity to be on his own so that unhampered by others he may express his intrinsic beliefs. His job now is to show people as flamboyantly or as powerfully as he may choose the ways in which the world can overcome its burdens. His greatest achievements occur after he has surrendered his personal will to the service of humanity.

There is no question but that this is good leadership material so long as the ingrained past-life Aquarian sense of fairness is never violated. This individual is capable of making revolutionary changes in what was once established tradition. He is first, last and always amazed and fascinated by all the possibilities man can reach. At the same time, he is offended when he sees people pitying their self-imposed limitations, for well he knows the experience of pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps.

He aspires to stand tall and not be ridiculed for those beliefs which he has struggled so hard to express.

While his capabilities for love run deep, the rest of him is not too far below the surface. The continuation of his past-life attractiosns to momentary fascinations keep throwing him off the track, making it difficult for him now to see the core of his true self clearly. And so, he must identify with his achievements as the only real barometer of his worth.

Though he may at times strongly wish to be alone, he could never live without people, for he thrives on their admiration of his achievements. He believes in firm justice, and yet he is quick to pardon once people have admitted they are wrong. He is never one to strike when a person is down. The sense of fair play has become such a part of his soul that although he feels he should be more competitive, it makes him uncomfortable to be part of any competition which involves foul play.

Things which wouldn’t have bothered him in past incarnations suddenly become important as he starts to dig into life rather than disassociate from it. Although it is his present life karma to apply his Uranian ingenuity through practical and traditional Leonian outlets, he still struggles to maintain his unique character.

Some with this position spend the later years of their life alone. Others who are married still hold onto such a strong streak of independence that they tend to keep other family members on the periphery of their circle.

The house position of the Ketu indicates the area where past-life needs for originality and freedom are still seeking expression.

The house position of the Rahu shows the area through which all the chart energy can be focused into a new shining creation of substantial size and worth, a gift of generosity to the world. Truly these are the Nodes of the ‘inventor’.

Previous incarnation for this person was spent in many unusual activities. He seldom had time to be individualistic. Most of the efforts were towards achieving things for others. In this time, he has decided to be substantially individualistic. Making his own name or getting the credit for his work is significant in this lifetime. Cultivation of personality, ego and general magnetism is noticed in this person. He will use his powers and connections to get where he wants to go in life. He may have to step on others; but he will look at that as a favor to them, and later on when he is up there, he will help those who indirectly were helpful to him. Strong self-conditioning and self-confidence is noticed in him in this life.

You need to learn to love deeply. Your Aquarius Ketu may reply: ‘Who: me? What do you mean? I love absolutely everybody. Except for my ex-best-friend and my ex-lover, and that snooty sales clerk who implied I had no taste....’

Your problems may include that you are looking for Utopia. Your ideals have frustrated your needs for love and companionship.

Possible reasons for these problems: You’re inclined to be lazy about developing your creativity, preferring to idealize others’ accomplishments at the expense of your own. You spend most of your tiem serving others’ causes at the expense of fulfilling your own goals. Traumatic experiences have caused you to retreat from the world to some extent. Ingrained stubbornness hinders the formation of relationships. A subconscious superiority complex.

Possible solutions: Get in touch with your need for dignity, and channel it properly. Discover and use your fertile imagination. Learn to lie skillfully. Have a lot of lovers. Devote yourself totally to a humanitarian organization, cause, or activity.

Rahu in Leo almost always has some degree of untapped creativity. Sometimes shyness keeps it untapped. The shyness is in itself a manifestation of the untapped Leo Rahu potentials, since Leo is the sign of confidnece. Ketu in Aquarius encourages the individual to lose himself or herself in a whirl of friendships and acquaintance-making, or in some vast utopian ideal. In either case, the motivation is to avoid having to come to terms with his or her own individuality. These people are seldom recognized as shy, because their shyness manifests on a personal rather than a public level.

Another manifestation of Leo Rahu - Aquarius Ketu imbalance is seen in the person who leaves more prosaic creativities untapped while he or she searches for that great talent that will make a contribution to the world. The Leo Rahur isn’t content to enjoy developing his or her creativity unless he or she can make a great artistic, dramatic or social contribution to posterity.

In my experience, people with an over-developed Aquarius Ketu are generally: kept busy dealing with other people’s problems; wanting to be in the spotlight, but they often wind their contributions get obscured; egotistical in an unusual way - they emphasize equality and refuse to acknowledge that some people have more potential than others: in other words, you can’t do any more than they can; intellectual at the expense of their emotions; spiteful; fond of shocking others; extremist in their work for change; contradictory, in that the brain doesn’t know what the heart wants; averse to traditional marriage - women are often militantly liberated to the point where they resent or dislike men in general; and inclined to believe everything you tell them about themselves as long as it’s flattering.

Rahu in Leo would like to be seen as someone with a tremendous amount of vitality. He or she wants to be known as someone who’s attained creative or business success. He or she may aspire to be a famous movie star or politician, or may want to be known for his or her lovely home or lavish parties. He or she wants to be respected and able to impress others. This person is social and capable of expressing emotion, albeit in a rather detached way. He or she may have some rather funny loyalties or a misconception of loyalty. this may serve to prevent success, as the person is inclined to be afraid that his success might inconvenience or be unfair to others. This preoccupation with the good of the group, as opposed to his or her own good, can lead to unpredictable behavior that brings more controversy than respect.

Antidotes for Leo imbalance: psychodrama or dramatization of the nodal dilemma can be helpful if the repression is severe. Interior decorating, set design, etc. can be excellent antidotes if there’s aptitude in these directions. Political involvement and involvement in community action programs are ideal for stimulating a sluggish node in this position. The client should be encouraged to accept leadership roles in any capacity for which he’s suited.

The client should be engaged in a ‘What would happen if...’ diaolgue in which he or she is asked to visualize the worst possible things that could result from developing the Rahu. You should then help the client deal with these fears. This technique works best with clients who are able to laugh at themselves, since it’s often necessary to point out the preposterous-ness of their fears.

You should make certain that the client hasn’t confused ambition with ruthlessness, since this seems to be a frequent misconception with both Aquarius Ketu and Rahu in the fifth house. It seems seems to be less common with Sun square nodes, et al., although it sometimes manifests here as well.

For personal growth, you need to determine clearly your life direction and then focus and apply willpower to achieve objectives. This can be a challenge, as you tend to dissipate energies in different directions, partly due to a lack of future planning. You need to realize that you shape future experiences through the consequences of thoughts, actions, values and attitudes. What you do today creates your tomorrow; and a favorable future depends on choices and decisions in the present. If choices are misguided, you will face the inevitable disappointing consequences later.

To achieve this new life direction, you have to become more individual, breaking free from the consensual social conditioning indicated by the Aquarius Ketu. This does not imply that you become eccentric or socially alienated, but rather that you become more self-reliant and independent, true to your own light and taking responsibility for your choices and life path. Positive gains from this can include self-confidence and self-understanding. Moving beyond unnecessary doubts, you can realize your potential once your life direction is determined and relatively few obstacles block your progress. Asking others for signposts may be unwise and weaken determination or send you in a wrong direction; unfolding this path from within becomes your source of guidance. Once this direction is clarified, meaning and purpose are discovered, and pursuing this task will engage your willpower.

Yet this is not a search for a self-centered path; it is one which combines independent self-expression with awareness of social relationship and interdependence. Your proposed growth should ideally benefit all, as well as yourself. Building a personal value structure is important, and you will try to stay true to those guiding life principles which provide a firm inner foundation.

Your new creative direction can be effectively released in the sphere of life indicated by the Rahu’s house; and as your new worldview develops, you may feel inspired to share your beliefs more widely. Your humanistic concerns will dampen as feelings of social responsibility and contribution expand. Your growing idealism and altruistic spirit will shine more clearly, reshaping life by your ideals, so that by pursuing your path, you also contribute to benefit others.

The main issue concerns individual and group growth, and may focus on social needs for fairness and equality. Once a direction is established, you may emerge as an inspirational leader, aiming to create constructive change within traditional social practices and thought. Such activity may prompt mixed reactions from others, especially as progressive attitudes may be ‘before their time’, and difficult to be integrated by contemporary society. But your independent spirit must be retained, so that your transformation and new socially creative expression indicates a way that society can also take. For yourself, purposefully direction energies in creative and productive ways will bring satisfaction. But you should never forget the existence and needs of others. Be true to them also, because, by your living your humanitarian ideals, your path is formed.

In the fixed sign Leo, we are concerned with gaining a secure position in life. Leo is also a Fire sign; and the Leo personality consumes for its own benefit the living space surrounding others. Leo wants to be a monarch, and to possess a realm of which it can be said: ‘Here I am at home, and here I will carry out my activities. This is my territory, and I will never surrender it’. Leo always keeps a firm grip on a personal world that represents security in the changing scenes of life; and, of course, people play a decisive part in these scenes.

With the Node in Leo, we should adopt a positive, well-defined attitude to our environment. We ought to make ourselves known, place ourselves in the center of our world, and learn to cope with it. Usually the world does not leave us alone but is continually provoking confrontations. Anyway, this position of the Node helps to correct our development, and brings us out into the open.

In charts indicating a certain hesitancy or nervousness over making one’s presence felt, a Node with this placement may help to overcome this tendency. The Node here encourages the individual to come out of his or her shell and be willing to take a few risks. Finally, this Node urges us to test ourselves in the world, and be willing to experience euphoric self-realization, and the suffering of reverses, along with everything that lies in between. As a Leo, we may seem to ourselves and others to be very much on the offensive all the time; in reality, however, we are very much on the defensive, for Leo is a fixed sign, and only the Fire in it produces the touch of aggression.

To Be Continued


Ricardo (from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro) said...

I have this node position and never before I have read something so insigthful as this text.
I am looking for understand better the nodal influence in my own "arrange" so I appreciate if you could suggest some author.

MS said...

Dear Ricardo, This analysis is based on my own research from various sources and I did not come across any single book in the last 20 years where you can find such data. If you have any info on any such book I shall be glad to know it.

RIPUJIT said...

I too have this node position nad all the points you have mentioned i have felt & seen in my own personality. I have always been confused & contradictory esp between my brain and my heart. I am hoping the areas for improvements mentioned by you will probably help. Living Skillfully :)

Shanthi said...

I have this nodal position and what you have said makes sense.I have always had this desire to paint/sketch but have never pursued it seriously as I feel by doing so,I'll not be contributing to the society in a meaningful way.

ശ്രീകുമാര്‍ കരിയാട്‌ said...

your observations and conclusions are correct on the miracle planets rahu and ketu.

very insightful explanations.
thank you.

Susmita Dasgupta said...

enormous observations, true to the hilt. I have Rahu and Ketu in Leo and Acquarius 22degrees 14 minutes.

Susmita Dasgupta said...

this is true to the hilt. Ask me and I know. I have Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Acquarius.

buoyant said...

Quite a different analysis- so full of optimism! I am glad Rahu in Leo is not as mischeivious and doom laden as others have predicted.

lakshminarayana said...

i am surprised the analysis of rahu being in leo, you are correct,what rahu in leo lagna

kishori ray said...

Dear Madhusudanji, this article is awesome. For a long time I have searched to find my rahu ketu explained. After reading it, I can understand myself better, and understand where my conditioning lies. I am born in 61 and have Rahu in 8th house, now Rahu-Rahu-Rahu running, Sade Sati is also running alongside. It was hard for me to cope with people, mix with people, except for my partner. Everything seems too much for me. I spend most of my life in some kind of separation from family and partners, was for 20 y deeply involved in spiritual work. Since 2006 things changed a lot, and my worldliness and inner dirt came on the surface mostly through my relationship, all in all I went to many drastically transformations, having fear and anger as my main issues. I love to do work for mankind [in my own way helping others] and it is the only thing which satisfies me.
I have also Mars in 7th and Uranus. Moon is with Rahu, sun and mercury in aries, venus in pieces, saturn and jup in capricorn.
Thanks a ton for ur great insight.

ashu said...

i have this node and trust me i am the same as described here. this is just amazingingly written it matches my life absolutely!! today it self i met an astrologer and he told me that i have this node. HE HAS SUSSGESTED ME STONES FOR KETU -CATS EYE WHT DO U SUGGEST PLEASE REPLY.

Gurkirat Singh Dhillon said...

Hi Madhusudan,

It is the most insightful view i have ever read.

My dob is 1st Nov 1979, TOB 14:20Hrs

Place of Birth: Chandigarh.

Ketu Mahadasha is starting on 25th July 2012.

What can i expect?

Would be glad if you could shed some light...


Gurkirat Singh Dhillon

Vinodbhai said...

perfect prediction, described my nature very well. i have ketu in 4ht and rahu in 10th. every line was like bang on! Helped me understand myself better and why I tend to behave a certain way at times.

Chasson Bianco said...

Thank you for this! Can't believe this actually explains me pretty well.

Krish said...

Hello Madhusudan,

My dob is 8 may 1980. Time 5:30 pm. Pob Hyderabad.
I have the same position rahu in Leo and ketu in Aquarius. I also have moon along with ketu. I think the same way as you had described. Please let me know the conjunction of ketu and moon.

Thank you.

Jayanta Chatterjee said...

Dear Sir,

I have got my answer. The article is really fantastic. Would you kindly tell what happens when rahu and saturn together in Leo at 3rd house ?

Madhusudan said...

Dear Jayanta
Please go through the post Rahu in 3rd house also, as there are variations in Rahu in Leo and Rahu in 3rd House, we need to collate both and then, only based on the positions of all the planets in the chart we should try to decipher some things. However the "General" effect of Rahu and Shani together in 3rd House would be tending more towards positive effects and traits than negative. More prominent would be

1. There would be more short-trip useful journeys and travel.

2. Affection of the native towards the siblings would be more.

3. The efforts to excel by way of sheer hard work with respect to studies and gaining knowledge would be more pronounced, and a extreme bent of mind to know about the hidden traits and secrets otherwise unknown.

4. A favorable and long term and caring relation with one's father, mother and elders.

5. Mainly health issues related at a later age related to Ears, Jaws, Teeth, cervical spine mainly the portion of the neck, throat etc, hence the individual needs to take care about these. Medical indications are worth studying emanating from astrology, which is an ocean by itself.

GentleDeath said...

First of all thank you for brilliant and insightful analysis of this node position in natal chart. I can relate to many things what you have written. I have this node position in my natal chart. Rahu is in 11th house in Leo sitting with Mars and First of all thank you for brilliant and insightful analysis of this node position in natal chart. I can relate to many things what you have written. I have this node position in my natal chart. Rahu is in 11th house in Leo sitting with Mars and Jupiter. Ketu is in 5th house in Aquarius. I remember one astrologer had told me to be careful in love relationships because of deceits possible with Ketu in Aquarius. I have been extremely careful in love matters since then. My question is does 5th house Ketu in Aquarius somehow modify/reduce/increase these possibilities of deceit and infidelities in love matters. I am running Rahu/Saturn dasa right now.

Vajapeya said...

This ARTICLE is perfect, its so perfect and well explained its like reading about me... I have Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius...
All the above statements and analysis so true in my case because My Rahu and Ketu
13'39'' - planets at these degrees show high energy as this degree falls in youth Category.

nipra said...

Hi Madhusudan. This was so correctly about me. But I am confused as saturn is in leo with rahu in the 7th house. What does that mean ? Can u please help?

Madhusudan said...

Dear Nipra
These articles should not be applied and cannot be applied verbatim on any chart. You can wait for the article on Rahu in 7th House/Ketu in 1st House.
The exact details can be found from the charts and that too after a good amount of study. Otherwise in this case Rahu takes up the qualities of Sun as it is positioned in "Leo" sign, co-located with Sat, which(Sat) is benefic for the chart. The Rahu-Sat conjunction in this case would cause at times a state of total in-decisiveness in short.This is only a generic observation which could change totally on the whole chart analysis

Sri Matthi said...

Dear MS,

Every word.. yes, every single word is me. I am dying to know what happened in my past life to endure the pain and exp., that i am going thru in this life time. I am going thru Ketu MD and thank God I am undergoing some things where nobody knows my pain... and deft., no shoulders to lean on... except God. However, these life lessons transformed me into a different but yet confused person... Its like i am searching for an answer..and discovered a lot about Ketu/Rahu nodes, astrology and several other things about occult science.
My questions have answered here in your blog and tears flowed me as if someone is guiding me in some form. Absolutely artistic, craved superficial beauty, undergone deceits -rahu in leo 5th; craved for friends yet dont take their advises and had no sense of intuition inspite of the clear warnings-Ketu in aquarius 11th.
Well, I will deeply apply the part where i have to focus in order to develope my future... although most of my lifetime is gone...but still never too late, right?
you are an ingenius researcher to write such a blog and i deft., had to appreciate your work. God bless your soul!
Thank you and keep writing!!

Madhusudan said...

Dear Sri Matthi
Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, this is what keeps me going, but still a long long way to go!!

Richard Saxe Coburg said...

Dear Sir,
this article is the reason I have abandoned the false religion of Islam and embraced Hinduism. I see everything clearly now. Many thanks and God bless you. Jai Shri Krishna.

Elena MMS said...

ABsolutely about me...bravo what a marvelous post !

Sarika Bhandary said...

Absolutely bang on... I too have rahu in Leo in 3rd house with rahu mahadasha. Will there be any major changes during rahu return?

Mani K said...

Dear Madhusudan,

Simha Lagna with Rahu and Ketu in Aquarius. Your analysis so aligns for me that it is shocking. Learned so much about the inner workings of Rahu and Ketu in me, for it has happened exactly as you have worded it, innumerable times in my life. My onward journey takes great comfort and inspirations from this knowledge you have shared. ThanK you for spreading your light. Be blessed.

Dhaval Watwe said...

Very nice and accurate info about my own self ☺��

DrAman said...

Awesome as if someone describing me so vividly which I missed while self discovery! Thanks