26 March 2007

Details of Rahu in Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Ketu in Gemini (Mithun)

Rahu in Sagittarius is the surest sign of happiness and quietude, so long as the native knows how to be contented, which is usually the case, inasmuch as progress is fairly quick in this sign.

The close family ties - that is, the wife and children - live on good terms within a relatively restricted circle. It is the sort of happiness what does not proclaim itself. Success is somewhat slow in coming, but can be relied upon, as the ascent is gradual and teaches patience.

Ketu in Gemini often causes inharmonious relations with those around the native, or with distant relatives. This may entail disputes over money matters which will be detrimental to the native, as many people may be jealous of him and put obstacles in his way. Nevertheless, he will know how to defend himself, especially with the help of a good aspect from Mars or Mercury. In the former case, success will come through violence; in the latter, through cunning.

Rahu in Sagittarius points the way to far horizons, physically and spiritually. Person gains through associations with others and pioneering in new lines of philosophical and educational endeavors. An inner positivity that will be of great help in overcoming any negative aspects in the birthchart can be developed.

Ketu in Gemini shows too much superficiality in past lives; too little willingness to stabilize; and a flitting from one experience to another. If continued in this lifetime, there will be little success or any sustaining power.

The keyword here is promise. For lifetimes, this individual has enmeshd himself in dualities, resulting in indecision. He has tried to be all things to all people, and as a result has made himself attuned to superficiality.

Now he has strong karmic lessons to learn in areas of loyalty and allegiance. Eventually he will come to see that by playing both sides against the middle he can only hope to make himself the center of the sandwich, caught in the squeeze. Nevertheless, he retains a past-life fear of committing himself fully to either side, for at least on the superficial level, he sees truth and right in both. He still believes that a definite commitment to one side would leave him with the feeling of missing the opportunity inherent in the other.

THis ability to remain uncommitted enables him constantly to adjust himself to fit the needs of the moment. Like the chameleon, his colors change with his surroundings.

In past incarnations, he was not too discriminating, knowing that it really didn’t matter where he gave his affiliations since he never gave his complete self anyway. Now he swings like a pendulum in the breeze, open to ride if but for a brief time only on the winning wind.

He purposely makes himself the pawn of others, and, even if only for the moment, seems to agree with them so that he can temporarily feel accepted and a part of something.

Through many lives, his sense of self-identity has become not merely a signle division but filled with all the questions of everybody with whom he was in contact. Since so many people have formed the building blocks of this inner self, it is impossible for him to be anything but a hypocrite!

When he speaks, his facial expression as well as body language will change from sentence to sentence, taking on the appearance of the person whose words he is not trying to pass off as his own. In fact, when he makes a definite positive statement, his eyes will always examine the recipient to see if it was received as truth. If not, then it doesn’t really matter for he will now start talking incessantly, trying one collected statement after another on for size in the hope that somewhere in his collection of information a few words might be worthwhile.

He loves activity; and when circumstances make him feel cooped up or bogged down, he becomes highly nervous and restless.

Always over-programmed, he struggles to keep up with the myriad of details and people that fill his life. He has so much to do, and yet at the end of each day feels distracted from his purpose.

In past incarnations, he never developed a long attention span. As a result, he spends much of this life constantly changing his mind about everything.

At one point, he will go through conflict over whether to live in a large city or in the country. The conflict is really between the continuation of his past-life need to be with people and his present-life desire to be away from them.

Direction does not come at an early age. More often than not, it comes through the aid of parents or an older person who sets him on his course. This occurs usually after age twenty-eight.

Underneath it all he is unsteady; he has been so busy seeing the shades of gray in everything that he has difficulty seeing the light of truth in himself.

For this individual, life’s biggest task involves a quest for higher knowledge. Through the Sagittarius Rahu, he must learn that in order for man to be capable of seeing the truth, he must first be the truth!

He will go far if he teaches himself to speak from his higher mind, for the esoteric meaning of all he says will ultimately show him his real identity.

When he starts to mesh with Transcendental Thought, he will begin to reach a spiritual union within himself.

First he must work through his karma of perpetuating trivia and come to see that participating in gossip is the greatest sin against liberty. Then he must turn his back on all the past-life residue of pretended sophistication and reach for all that is real and natural. Ultimately, he comes to see that although a coin has two sides, it’s still one coin! When he develops this perspective of vision, he will be able to transform the knowledge he has acquired into Divine Wisdom.

The house position of the Ketu shows the area where past incarnation personality conflicts still plague the lower mind. The house position of the Rahu shows the ways in which a Higher Consciousness can be developed into a vehcle which enables him to rise above all conflict.

His present-life evolution will free him from the bondage of indecision, and in its place give him glimpses of Universal Truth.

You should follow through on your interest in psychology, travel, etc.. Your Gemini Ketu may reply: ‘Yeah, but my day-to-day activities don’t leave me any time. Besides, I hate studying’.

Your problem is that a mental block prevents expansion.

Possible reasons: Environmental restrictions hindered learning. Refusal to take chances. Dislike of reading or distrust of any type of indirect communication. Reluctance to be put in a position where you may be asked to give advice, teach, etc.. An upbringing that encouraged superficiality. Little success with early education.

Possible solutions: Take interest courses. Loosen stifling ties and routines. Sever all ties, and spend your time drifting.

You’ll remember that we said Gemini Rahu relies on book learning to replace awareness. With Gemini Ketu, the tables are turned. Knowledge remains at a very rudimentary level. There cna be an ‘I read it in teh Enquirer so it must be true’ philosophy. Or there can be a distrust of any information that comes from afar. In other words, teh local news commentator knows what he’s talking about but the foreign news commentator’s full of bull unless he’s voicing the same opinion. Frequently, Gemini Rahu relies on rumors, gossip and small talk to form the basis of his or her knowledge. College education is looked on with suspicion; in fact, sometimes there’s a reverse snobbism in connection with education. Gemini Ketu tends to be content with his or her knowledge no matter how incomplete it is. It’s only when the Gemini Ketu is suddenly thrust into a new environment that he or she becomes aware that something’s missing. At that point, he or she can tap the Sagittarius Rahu’s potential and expand his or her knowledge and understanding of the world.

The person with an over-developed Gemini Ketu has few long-range goals; is restricted by his or her routine or environment; is immature or retains an emphasis on dressing and acting as he or she did at a much younger age; sees no point in college unless it’s a prerequisite to a certain job; does not like to waste time on abstractions or unproven theories; may be fickle; may be a bigot; is sarcastic or cynical; marries a childhod sweetheart, neighbor, high school friend, etc.; usually marries early and settles into a routine where the only big change is a transition from school to work; and loves travel as long as the place visited isn’t too different from what he or she is used to.

Rahu in Sagittarius wants to be thought of as natural, sincere, intellectual, refined, and broad-minded. This is a person of such changeable emotions that he or she may be mistaken for a yes-person or a phoney. He or she has trouble focusing on one thing at a time, and tends to scatter energy to the point where objectives seldom reach completion. Restlessness keeps dreams in an ever-changing state, so that they may never be clearly defined. In effect, this person might dream of having a dream.

Antidotes for Sagittarius imbalance: The client should be encouraged to share any specialized knowledge he or she has, either by teaching or through other means - writing, public speaking, etc.. As with Scorpio, the study of philosophy is a beneficial antidote. Religious studies could also prove helpful. The client’s intuition should be devloped and given a positive outlet. Dream study, astrology, palmistry, graphology and many branches of parapsychology could prove useful outlets, although you should be very certain that the client is level-headed enough to use these properly. Travel is very often a beneficial antidote. Work invovling giving tourists various types of information (i.e. tour guide, travel agent, hotel information desk, etc.) could be quite rewarding.

Sports can be good antidotes. High-jumping, rope-jumping, walking, running, jogging, or any other type of physical exercise for which aptitude is shown could be recommended. It sometimes happens that the client is for one reason or another stuck in a dull, routine job - clerical, assembly line, switchboard, etc.. If there’s no way out of the job due to the client’s age and economic needs, it’s crucial to expand the sphere of after-work activities.

If career advice is sought, challenge should be the primary quality stressed. According to the client’s aptitudes, consider the following options: adult education, lecturer (with philosophy, law, and civil rights being ideal areas), priest, minister, rabbi, nun, doctor, nurse, paramedic, inspector, proofreader, publisher, publisher, missionary, evangelist, salesperson. The client should be encouraged to free himself or herself from stagnant ties where possible. At the same time, he or she should be discouraged from drifting or living totally on an intellectual plane. Sometimes pet ownership can provide a helpful counter-balance for these tendencies.

Previous incarnation for this person was spent in many intellectual and communicative activities. He had to deal with ‘others’ constantly. Thus, he was often drained of his intellectual resources by others. He had to fulfill what they expected of him. In this lifetime, he is choosing a path of independence and isolation. He likes to be a free-floating soul without getting involved with many earthly interactions. He can solve their problems when he feels like it, but at the same time, he has a choice and the ability to turn them away from him. In this lifetime, he will achieve substantial esoteric knowledge or understanding with or without being too involved in the occult. He is not very much interested in the material things or in human emotionalism. When his feelings are seen, he just transcends them or throws them at others the way they come.

The Gemini energy makes you restless, searching for stimulation, diverse interests, and experiences, and encourages an active life-style. Whenever you feel restricted - whether in work, relationships, or even in allowable attitudes, thoughts, and emotions - you feel extremely uncomfortable and look for ways to change the situation.

Your mind is alert and receptive to a multitude of impressions from other people and the mass of information received during daily life. Yet, due to distracted fluctuations in attention span, you may find that focus and concentration becomes difficult to maintain.

Changeability is likely, often displayed as indecision and regular shifts of mind and emotions. Your mutable nature sometimes appears to reflect various personality types which are temporarily adopted to deal with others.

You find choice-evaluation difficult, seeing the virtues of different decisions and actions, recognizing that, from each perspective, each option may present a valid position. This inhibits your decision-making ability, making you afraid that, by choosing either posiion, you will lose the value of the other decision. Personal decisions are hard to make; and when having to evaluate others’ viewpoints, you often take the easier way out, which is to agree with whoever presents the most persuasive and powerful argument. The danger with this is that you may devalue your opinions, beliefs, values, and feelings.

You find it hard to discriminate between different options, and resist giving commitments, because you recognize that you change your mind too often. Refusing to make responsible choices, you try to be agreeable to all. It may even seem that you agree with another’s views when in his or her company, only to change again, chameleon-like, when with others. This may increase social acceptability, but can damage your integrity.

The Sagittarius Rahu indicates the need for a unifying philosophy that becomes a life foundation. You require a belief or purpose that offers meaning and direction, rather than simply being swayed by the winds of superficiality, diversity, and mutability.

This becomes the issue of purposeful direction. You will probably be at least in your late twenties before you accept the necessity for a self-chosen direction; and then you will start looking for signposts; these guiding indications may come from an influential older person, either personally or indirectly, or perhaps as a ‘teaching’.

One important step is to reduce your reflective tendency by determining your own attitudes and feelings, irrespective of whether this pleases others. Agreeing with all sides, or agreeing with none, leaves you nowhere, and you should find your own light. Changing this behavior pattern may not be easy, but you will benefit from becoming yourself. As you feel free to express your nature, you will have a growing feeling of joy and vitality, and will discover the liberation of being natural and real without any compulsion to agree with others. Take tentative steps to release the past and to enter the present and future as yourself, because you have much promise and much to offer. Then you will realize that, while a coin has two sides, it is just one coin, and that, while life has a multitude of faces, it is just one life.

The mutable Fire sign, Sagittarius, and the cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn, are the two individual sings that promote the expression and the maturation of the individual personality. In Sagittarius, we always strive hard for mental autonomy. Sagittarians have an independent outlook. They want to work out their own ideas and philosophy, and to have these under their own control. With the Node in Sagittarius, the task is to develop this mental autonomy. One’s thoughts should be fostered so as to produce clear-cut opinions of one’s own and independence of the opinions of others.

This placement of the node is quite likely to occur when the chart indicates that the native is very much inclined to fall in line with the opinions of others. In which case, its message is: ‘You must think for yourself and form your own views’. This Node is an antidote to mental laziness.

With the Sagittarian Node, we have to answer for our opinions, which may not suit us at all, because we like to think that they are beyond criticism. In hard aspects of the Node, there is often a tendency to be dogmatic and fanatical.

In the Fire sign Sagittarius, self-confidence becomes important again. The preceding Fire signs, Aries and Leo, are brimming with self-confidence. However, matters are not quite so simple for Sagittarius, which has to prove, by its spiritual autonomy, that it has the right to stand up and be heard.

To Be Continued ......


hg said...

very, very good paper. Can Vedic astrologic orient a person who only has the day of birth but not the hour of birth - Montreal, Canada, October 16, 1947 ?
Because of the lack of hour, I have never been able to get a horoscope drawn for my husband. Thank you for your anwer.

Madhusudan said...

Dear hg
Somehow your comment did not appear and it suddenly sprung up after 2 months for moderation. Anyway the Horoscope of your husband can still be drawn for which other inputs would be required
God Bless

Unknown said...

Excellent Paper!!

25 Jan 1974
7:15 AM gonda (U.P.)

Advice for me Plz.

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I am an Astrology Enthusiast. Can you enlighten us,
1. From the horoscope can we know his past birth/lives etc?
2. Which chart should be looked into and what planets signifies etc?


Unknown said...

excellent paper and way of writing.
i was always confused of what other astrologers say as i have same position of rahu and ketu.

kandhan said...

Wow, you have given accurate snapshot of my mental makeup.

Unknown said...

Very enlightening! I've been looking all night on-line for something on my Rahu-Ketu and could not find anything that was detailed and even-handed and from a spiritual perspective and you seem to have done all three and more!

Thank you,

Vonline said...

Nice article. I m not sure how much it effects any person because Rahu nd Ketu stay in same raashi for almsot a year or two - so the effect is same for all people taking birth in this time? Can you please predict about-
Date of Birth - 30 Oct 1972, 4.30 am,place - Jorhat (Assam , India).

HARISH said...

Very informative Even for a layman like me. I am currently in Rahu Rahu Vimshottari Dasha with Rahu in 10th house - my karma sthan.Rahu is aspecting my 4th house in Libra and is aspected by Mars. I thought what better way to understand Rahu than by direct experience and have been looking for material on what would be the inner urges as well as responses of the outer world to my efforts.

Adim X phukan said...

very insightful Madhusudan. As a fellow parcitioner in vaastu/ astro I cant help admiring your acute insight into the nodes. especially your amazing analysis WITh solutions. bang on. Sharp. i mentioned you in my blog below.. cheers!! http://adimphukan.blogspot.in/p/notable-links-and-mentions.html

Anonymous said...

This is the best I've ever read on Rahu Sag - Ketu Gemini

Madhusudan said...

Dear Ardent Readers
Thanks for the encouraging comments, infact these comments work as catalysts in my efforts, not withstanding the corrective comments which actually tell us where we are going wrong and how should we correct, someone rightly said "one cannot succeed without critics"
Thanks again for the motivation
God Bless

Surmee said...

Very well written article about Rahu-ketu in Sagittarius and Gemini. Myself having the combination in my chart, felt as though its been written about me. I Pray to God he gives me the strength to correct myself in applying the solutions given.

S G said...

You blog provides the most detailed views about the nodes in different signs.
Also is it possible that only the Rahu's expression from Sagittarius is dominant or overshadowing Ketu's in Gemini?

Madhusudan said...

Technically Yes, it depends on a whole lot of factors, the position of Rahu/Ketu, Aspects on them of functional Benefics and Malefics, positions in divisional charts(to some extent)etc

Reshma said...

Hi Madhusudan,
I am very impressed with your perspective and approach on the topic. When one understands why one's life is a certain way and what the actual purpose of this birth, it makes it easier and less painful to deal with disappointments.

I would like to know if it is possible to contact you on email as I have a few questions as I find myself perpetually in a state of mental conflict. I would like some light shed on the map of my life after chasing my tail and going round in circles for so many years.

Madhusudan said...

My mail ID is given at the top left of the blog its zzress@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

I'm curious as to your opinion on if Navamsa chart might resonate with someone more than Lagna? As I read this I feel Sagittarius in Rahu (10th house Navamsa) is a more natural direction for me vs Cancer (2nd House Lagna) even though I've certainly been put in a nurturing position regarding my parents, I feel more comfortable providing but more so in a philosophical manner as opposed to emotional.

This is not the first time as i feel the same about my Moon sign in the 2 charts. I have read those particular 2 charts are most important/inseparable and I have a feeling the answer is finding away to integrate them both...but is the "Soul" chart not the essence of your being? Thank you in advance.

vikas said...


Unknown said...

are you planning to describe other planets in houses/signs in your blog?

Madhusudan said...

After the current series gets completed, I am embarking something new, lets see how it goes, it all depends on how much time can be spared!

Chaitanya Gokhale said...


I have this combination. I have a serious problem when it comes to dealing with people. I feel obliged to say yes to everything. I piss off so many people due to this. I also feel the compulsion of not getting angry at anyone because of some weird but profound spiritual understanding that I have which restricts me to hurt anyone (very saintly). It has got stuck so bad that I don't even remember the last time I got angry and retaliated. I really need to start expressing myself more than what I usually do and be myself specially when it comes to dealing with people. Thanks a ton for this article.