26 March 2007

Details of Rahu in Libra (Tula) and Ketu in Aries (Mesh)

Rahu in Libra is a sign of balance and harmony in the native’s life as a whole. It also gives stability in regard to the affections; the gratification of noble desires is shown in all things. The native has a fine intellect as well as great courage. Progress will be rapid; and wealth as well as honor will be acquired. Rahu in Libra is favourable for the children and for the family ties.
Ketu in Aries is often a sign of lack of conscience, or, at all events, of inconsequence. The native acts too precipitately; what he has decided to do must be done forthwith, and this leads to want of due reflection, which is detrimental to his affairs. He may suffer material losses, or experience trouble in other directions, due to his lack of cautiousness. This position inclines to fits of anger, but also gives great physical courage; and if the horoscope generally is good, Ketu in Aries will not be so unfortunate.
Rahu in Libra implies spiritual integration which comes from moving from self to others; from personality levels to the soul levels. Emphasis should be on loving others and getting away from self-love.
Ketu in Aries means an over-assertion of self has been the problem in the past, and personality should become the servant of others in this lifetime.
This nodal position requires much learning about self-sacrifice and the needs of other people. All the lifetimes of work spent on building self-confidence and esteem must now be transferred to others. The Libra Rahu keeps the individual from adding to his sense of self-identity any further. He must guard against strong ego influencing his current life actions.
His long-standing me-first attitude now brings him sharp and painful experiences as he is learning the lessons of co-operation. He must slow down and make sure that all he works for is meaningful, in his marriage and close partnerships as well as all his relations with others. He has to learn to take the sharp edges out of his life and start to balance. While the center road seems less attractive to him, it is still the only path he can have towards happiness.
Ultimately he must learn the very subtle lesson that his strong pioneering individualism isn’t actually meant for himself at all, but rather to equip him better so that he can provide others with a more harmonious life. Many individuals with these Nodes have a tendency to be contrary. The experience of listening to other people is a new one which they find objectionable when they feel it hampers their forward motion.
In past incarnations, progress was all-important, and getting there first was part of the highly competitive Arien drive. This carries over into a definite closed-mindedness which the Libra Rahu will ultimately open, showing to the individual the other side of the coin which he had never before thought was important enough to recognize.
Selfishness and vanity of all sorts must be curbed unless the individual wishes to find himself alone. Usually he feels himself being driven towards something, yet he doesn’t understand what or why. Through the Libra Rahu, he is now to reconsider his goals and objectives so that his Arian energy is put to some useful purpose.
He changes his mind often; and allegiance to a single cause is not one of his finer attributes. Past incarnations have made him accustomed to a constant impatient restlessness that still has a tendency to keep him on the move. He knows that he is to give rather than to receive in the current life, yet he finds it difficult to cope with such karma with his full heart.
The Martian quality of the Ketu impatiently pushes him in new directions. Upon arrival at each destination, however, he finds the gossamer cloud of Libra in the middle of the seesaw, and is surprised to see that hte goal was not a goal at all, nor was the destination the end of the journey. Puzzled and confused, he sits in the middle, trying to evaluate the circumstances which he hopes will point the way towards his next successful drive. And yet each goal, each ambition, each sprint of running and striving brings him to Libra - the half-way point!
Finally, out os sheer exhaustion he makes the amazing realization that the second half of the journey involves other people. He is to learn the karmic lesson that he is not alone. Until he learns to share, something always comes up to put the brakes on his efforts. Eventually he is brought to the realization that winning or losing the game is much less important than the fairness with which it is played.
Many individuals with these Nodes are highly opinionated as a result of selfish or bigoted past-life attitudes. Now it is time for the shoe to be worn on the other foot. Much of the current life’s events are painful blows to the ego. The individual has to guard against becoming embittered as he sees many of his own wants and desires being taken away from him and given to others. At first his natural tendency is to be jealous. He wants to fight back for all those things he feels he has lost; yet the more he fights, the more he loses. Eventually, drained of much of hie inner resources, he must surrender his selfish ego and accept living in a world built on sharing.
Until he overcomes his Ketu, his biggest frustration is the witnessing of other people receiving all for which he himself had wished. He doesn’t quite yet undersand how this works, and is puzzled at why all the things he has ever wanted are coming to people around him and yet not to himself. He hardly realizes that all his desires, wants and wishes are actually designed for others.
He is mentally energizing the wishes of people around him so that he can ultimately be an instrument for their fulfillment. In actuality, he is earning himself a new place in the world by living through the karma of selflessness. Still, the insistent urges of the Ketu keep pulling him backwards, often making him feel that this is a lesson he would rather not yet learn.
He must try to resist past-life tendencies to make waves, for he is now capable of witnessing disharmonies between people without taking sides. Often he is thrown into the position of referee, whereby in helping others to become more objective, he in fact helps himself. The more he can get others to co-operate, the more he can learn to do it himself.
Underneath all the hustle and bustle, this individual is learning to see hte consequences ofhis actions before taking them. In effect, he must learn to look before he leaps!
For many with this Nodal position, there is a deep-seated anger coming out of past-life memories of frustrations which block the self-expression.
In this life, th ere is usually a very pleasing physical appearance, which is part of the karmic lesson in vanity that the Aries Ketu is here to overcome. Any narcissistic residue also causes difficulty in marriage as this is the battleground where the war between love of another and needs of the self must be fought.
The balance between Aries / Mars and Libra / Venus is a difficult one to achieve. The Aries Ketu constantly seeks to assert its needs, while the Libra Rahu needs nothing for itself but to love others, regardless of their demands. This individual can feel love for others best only after his own needs are fulfilled.
Until the desires of past incarnations are left behind, the incessant pulling of his subconscious demands continues to be so strong that he has a tendency to drain energy from other people, actually putting them to sleep. In effect, he is a walking anaesthetic, constantly wondering why people avoid talking with him for more than a few minutes. He would like to talk for hours, if only to continue the focus of attention on himself. But in his private moments, he is deeply saddened by a sense of loneliness and the knowledge that his relationships with others are so far short of what he would like them to be.
There is nothing subtle about this Nodal polarity. Happiness comes only after he is forced to re-evaluate his desires and truly discovers that they involve other people. The ego-self must be abandoned, and with it a heightened sensitivity to the needs of others acquired.
The Libra Rahu is one of the most difficult to achieve because the Aries sel-flove looms as such a large hurdle to overcome. Still, the individual must overcome if there is to be a new cycle for him; and he will find the key to this new cycle as he begins to reflect back upon himself through the eyes of others.
The house position of the Ketu indicates the area where insatiable desires of past incarnations are still demanding priority. The house position of the Rahu shows how fulfillment can be reached through self-sacrifices, co-operation and the expression of unselfish love to others.
You need to learn to co-operate and get along better with others. Your Aries Ketu may reply ‘Yeah, but they never want to go along with my plans’.
Your problems may include that you have an exaggerated need to prove yourself; that you tend to be uncomfortable; and that, because of your upbringing, you’ve come to place too high a value on assertiveness.
Possible solutions: Stabilize your relationships in terms of five and take. Learn to differentiate between caring and controlling. Learn to let others have a chance to decide for themselves. Stifle your need for others, and look out for yourself.
Ketu in Aries often complains of having been forced into something which has irrevocably fouled up his or her life. This could be a too-early marriage, a career, a specific mode of behavior, etc.. In any case, he or she, as a result of this experience, justifies his or her reluctance to co-operate in other areas. Aries Ketu generally hasn’t developed his or her ability to commit himself or herself in a long-term situation. He or she wants fast results. If these aren’t forthcoming, co-operation is curtailed. Aries Ketu is also generally unwilling to take responsibility for hte effects of his or her actions on other people. He or she is sometimes unwilling to share. The Aries Ketur generally wants exclusive rights to the things in which he or she is interested. He or she feels that future well-being depends on immediate gratification and success. However, goals can often be attained only when the Libra Rahu’s ability to co-operate is tapped and developed.
Signs of an over-balanced Aries Ketu are: high blood pressure; impulsiveness; hyperactivity; a cold, critical attitude towards others’ accomplishments; argumentativeness; a tendency to brag about accomplishments and be a poor loser; an insistence on leading; an unco-operative attitude; difficulty in finishing what he or she has started; and boredom or a short attention span.
Rahu in Libra dreams of happiness and harmony. He or she would like to be known as a very sociable person. Others play a very important role in this person’s dreams. In contrast, this is an enthusiastic, emotionally active person whose selfisheness may interfere with social interaction and harmony in general.
Antidotes for Libra imbalance: The client should be advised to get a complete beauty treatment, including new hair style, in preparation for devloping a new lifestyle. Even men can benefit from a new hairstyle. Likewise, shopping for a new wardrobe or new furnishings can be a beneficial antidote, as any purchase would tend to remind the client that a new lifestyle is beginning. For best results, color selection should be geared to the imbalance. Dancing is a good antidote. If the client has any physical symptoms, a medical check-up should be advised, since this is another one of the imbalances that’s most capable of triggering illness. Boating, cruises, and water sports can be helpful antidotes.
The client should be advised to consciously seek out activities that stress partnership and teamwork, rather than trying to do everything himself or herself.
If career advice is sought, the following could be recommended if other factors in the chart show aptitude: hairdresser or barber, artist, interior decorator, lawyer, stewardess or pilot.
Previous incarnation for this person was spent with a lot of physical actions, temper and aggression. He had, in that life, achieved and lost many things as he could not learn to understand the significance of balance. In this life time, he will definitely learn and be able to use the concept of balance as applied to ‘soul growth’. Everything he undertakes in this life will have a definite sense of justice, priority and deeper significance. His diplomatic talents are well worth noting in this life. He will achieve things without fighting for them; and often others will surrender to him just by his senses and magnetism. Utilization of mental energies is strongly noticed in this person in this life. Although he may not be after material success, he always manages to be plentiful in that respect.
You may have to learn about the value of relationship co-operation and how you can give to satisfy others’ needs. Be less self-preoccupied with your needs, and focus on how relationships can become more meaningful and harmonious through co-operation, rather than preserving selfish attitudes.
You can experience a competitive drive, but this powerful individualism and pioneering spirit is available not just to benefit you. It also enables you to give more to others. There is much in life waiting for you to recognize its presences; and you would benefit by taking time to listen to others who can reveal aspects of life that you had never previously registered or considered of any value.
It is futile driving yourself onward when you do not know why or what objective you seek. Perhaps stop and re-evalutate your distinction, then direct energy toward a definite purpose. You may feel restless and impatient, changing your mind less often and finding fewer difficulties being focused. You consider each new prospecive direction, but rarely know what you are looking for. Each direction you take may eventually seem unfulfilling - a cul-de-sac or a destination which allows little rest or permanence. What you may need to realize is that others are needed for you to complete your journey. Until you learn how to share and give, each aim achieved can only fail to satisfy, because it is not meant for you alone.
Indeed, you may pass through phases when it appears that life is against you, meeting many painful confrontations which chip away at your egocentric approach. It may appear that you fail to attain your desires, and it becomes frustrating to see others making successful progress. Even though you apply greater effort, your aims seem to move further away. Attitudes and values may need transforming, so that efforts are less directed toward yoru solitary benefit and more toward the benefit of others. Instead of feeling envious of a friend’s success, you should be pleased. Until you base your life on co-operative sharing - and, in a sense, turn it around - then your desires may remain frustrated. You will probably resist this lesson, but this would be your free choice, expressing your contrary nature. The eventual consequences would be self-created.
In social relationships, you often assume a role as ‘mediator’, and have to learn how to aid others to resolve problems without taking sides. In these experineces, you will discover co-operation and compromise; encourage this in relationships as an energy of goodwill and harmony.
Marriage can be a challenging experience - an ideal ‘school’ for vital insights and self-understanding. With both potential conflicts and opportunities for creative relations existing within the partnership, it can summarize your dilemma. You probably do know that your relationships could be more satisfying and meaningful, and you may recognize that intimacy does not just revolve around your needs alone. But your self-regard must expand to include others. Once you see that life could be much better by sharing and giving, your life can become a more peaceful and fulfilling one.
The cardinal Air sign, Libra, in contrast to Virgo, has a dynamic approach to the ‘You’. We are able to react positively to the environment and to do something about it. We need not feel uneasy at making certain demands of the environment, but first we should ask the world, just as Virgo asks the world: ‘What can I do for you?’ Then, on considering the reply, we can respond pleasantly. Our approach to society includes the attempt to come into harmony with it.
More especially, the native may wish to bring harmony to the world. Diplomacy can figure strongly in this placement of the Node - in the interests of concord of course. With hard aspects, various compromises may be made in order to come out on top and look good at the same time. In the extreme case, the native says something to one person while saying the exact opposite to someone else.
With the Libran Node, it is important to strike a balance between the ‘I’ and the ‘You’, to form a correct judgement, and to live in harmony with the world. For this, a measure of self-discipline is required. The emotions have to be held in check if one is to avoid being thrown off balance and being carried away by private feelings and opinions. This position of the Node places a restraint on, excessive automony, and undue egocentricity.

To Be Continued .......


Amit said...

How true....

Alas 32 years of my life has been like that, just as you have explained, a tussle ...

I have Rahu in my tula lagna 91st house), and automatically ketu in the 7th house .

4 planets ... sun-moon-jupiter-venus ... are the 7th house.

mercury in the 8th house, mars in the 9th and saturn in the tenth ...

..i am educated ..my life is a jinx ....

everyday i worry, what has God given me ..why am i not successful like others ...

But through your blog i have come to know ... that my praarabdh is to help others succeed, and forget about personal success.

To live such a life in this selfish world is painful ...your own people start despising your sheepishness and generosity..i am aware.

Yes, all this time i have been thinking about I I I, and with every successive failures and humiliations, its ripped me off like a splint of glass tearing through my intestines ...i literally dream of that!!!

BUT YES, if i think of the welfare of others, lessen the pain in the world, generations might remember me, and possible my next life might be better ..

whatsoever God designs is for one's benefit ...

thank you for bringing sanity to my thoughts.


victor said...

Mars dasa will be good for you .

dj Vraj said...

Nice article,I have Rahu in the 6th Libra,an Ketu in the 12th,I like Amit have realised a great deal about my self.

Thank you very much,all the best.

Raja said...

Thank you so much. It was like, I am reading my 32 years of biography. At last, I know what I am.
I have my Rahu in 8th Libra(Tula); Acendent,Venus and Mars in 1st Pisces (Meena rasi); Sun, Mercury and Ketu in 2nd Aries (Mesha rasi); Jupiter in 3rd Taurus (Vrushabam); Moon and Saturn in 5th Cancer(Karkataka/Katak rasi).

Can you please give me any more insights and suggestions for betterment of my life? I would be really grateful, if you can do it.

All dear readers, I would also appreciate if all 'learned' people can send me post comments.

Thanks and Regards,

SG said...

Happened to read this article. I do realize feelings of Amit. I like to say one thing. "God has different ways to test a person. If you are lazy, you get assigned with a task that needs proactiveness and extra effort , which is only way to overcome the weakness"

Sankar said...

yes. great. It is like telling my 35 years of story. But i sometime fear and feel depressed > My future is bleak and marriage life failure. why? god keeps us in such state.

Sankar said...

yes. I feel like u narrating my 34 years of life with inch by inch fully as a movie. Whatever u said is 100% correct fully realized in my personal life. thanks a lot.

Ram Vision said...

Great Article!!!. Extremely in-depth. This really cleared lot of my psychological questions regarding rahu ketu positions in Virgo and Pisces.Thanks a lot.

Ram Vision said...

Great Article!!!. Extremely in-depth. This really cleared lot of my psychological questions regarding rahu ketu positions in Virgo and Pisces.Thanks a lot.

Jacques said...

It would be nice to further study of nodal behaivior as the Yogas change and conform, which I assume would become at certain ages. Generally a very correct and impressive article. Since I got the Libra Rahu with Sun, Mars, Mercury and Neptune in Libra (Sannyas Yoga). I must say that it hits exactly! Thank you.

shalu said...

Thanks a lot! I have been feeling the same over the last 15 years as well. My rahu (libra) is in the 4th house and ketu in 10th house the house of action. Mars is in the lagna, extremely debilitated and conjunct with Saturn. Not only do I feel frustrated in my work life, but due to the weak Mars a lack of energy to fight out. I yearn to fight, but just can't do it, and my meager attempts result in frustration. Last year, I started reading bhagvatam, and it works like a balm to my aching soul. I feel I need to give in order to feel at peace with myself. My work life still remains as an open wound though. I decided to become more reactive as a result of all this, stop fighting and give in to situations, but now my seniors are noticing it, and asking for proactiveness. Not sure what to do...

vividhaditya said...

Great read. Was reading my personality decoded and getting answers how 'I' should try and balance out the 'I' and 'You'. No stopping... Will be at peace with myself more. Rahu in Lagna in Libra. Ketu in Aries in 7th

Ritu said...


Truly i read what i need to do in this birth. As well the happenings shows even i put the maximum i end up in failures. I will learn to adjust and accept. Please can you tell me how my whole life should be led with your predictions. Am 35 years virgo lagna ,Libra-Rahu,Scorpio- Sun,Mars,Mer,Saggi - Venus,Caprcorn-Moon,No planets in acquarian,pisces.Aries-ketu,Taurus-Jup,No planet in Gemini,Cancer - Saturn. No planet in Leo.I want to know my profession and marriage life.


Ritu said...


Truly i read what i need to do in this birth. As well the happenings shows even i put the maximum i end up in failures. I will learn to adjust and accept. Please can you tell me how my whole life should be led with your predictions. Am 35 years virgo lagna ,Libra-Rahu,Scorpio- Sun,Mars,Mer,Saggi - Venus,Caprcorn-Moon,No planets in acquarian,pisces.Aries-ketu,Taurus-Jup,No planet in Gemini,Cancer - Saturn. No planet in Leo.I want to know my profession and marriage life.


Utpal said...

Absolutely spot on analysis of Rahu in Libra and Ketu in Aries... Some amazing observations... From experience in my life, I always feel that how vigilantly and enthusiastically I run in the race of life, I always find myself at starting point.....And this is what this article says. Mine is Gemini ascendent ..Mars in lagna, Saturn in 2nd house... Rahu in Tula in fifth house... Sun,Jupiter,Venus and Ketu in eleventh house. Mercury and moon in twelveth house in Tauras. However, I have only one confusion in this article...It says that balancing is important and one needs to work in harmony and co-operation with others....However, I have experienced that efforts to co-operate and attitude of Let go actually fail miserably as people actually perceive you as "weak" and soft target and start to exploit this tendency of yours to co-operate and let go. So ultimately your efforts to harmonise fail and again you start to feel that just concentrate on your self and not others !!!!!!!!! I have experienced this may be because I have Ketu with Sun,Venus and Jup in eleventh which is house of "networking" and Shani is aspecting this house. Please guys, clarify this thing if you have any idea



Utpal said...

Absolutely spot on observations.. I have Gemini Ascendent ..Mars in Lagna,Saturn in Second house in Cancer, Rahu in 5th house in Libra, Sun,Venus,Guru and Ketu in eleventh house in Aries ,Moon and Mercury in Tauras in twelfth house. Irrespective of how vigilently and enthusiastically I run in the race called life, I always find my self at starting point. It seems all the karmas of this life which i have done have become impotent not giving any result. This article says that harmonising , balancing ,sharing and working for the betterment of others are the important areas one needs to work towards to pay off the karmic debt. However, I have experienced that efforts to balance and harmonise fail miserably.tendency to let go and harmonise actually is percieved by others as a weakness of yours and they try to exploit this tendency.So ultimately you feel that generosity is a virtue you can not practise with every one. And what happens that you become more alert about your self and you think that just concentrate on your self rather than harmonising with others. !!!!!!!You tend to become more introvert....... May be I have experienced this coz I have Surya,Ketu ,Guru and Shukra in eleventh house which is house of networking and market place and shani is aspecting that house.

Guys please clarify on this if you have any idea

dr renu said...

I am mesmerised at the accuracy of your predictions,Yes it is solace to the soul as well as guide to live life without ifs and buts. My salute to you .
Thank you.

dr renu said...

I am mesmerised at the accuracy of your predictions,Yes it is solace to the soul as well as guide to live life without ifs and buts. My salute to you .
Thank you.

Celessa Laike said...

Wow, just wow! So many of your comments resonated with me and brought up instances through my 40+ years of life lived. Even today as I sit at another point where I had thought I had reached a goal - I am at the halfway point again! Everything I have truly yearned and worked for others have achieved and I am still yearning. I have seen others benefit from my advice and I am genuinely happy for them, yet I also feel pangs of jealousy. Your article has truly inspired serious introspection and I hope to strive to act on some of the flaws you have mentioned arising out of my Aries-Ketu. I hope I succeed!