26 March 2007

Details of Rahu in Virgo (Kanya) and Ketu in Pisces (Meen)

Rahu in Virgo gives fine aspirations. It is an ideal position for poets and writers, but not for business people, as it is too idealistic and not sufficiently practical. This position of Rahu is not good for marriage; physical love is non-existent, but on the other hand there may be much platonic or idealistic love. There is an entire absence of anything mean; the mind endeavours to free itself from matter, and this does not always benefit the pecuniary position. The native does not view life in its true perspective, and will therefore have to contend with the problems of existence. Success comes nevertheless after a long delay. There may be a fortunate and wealthy marriage, which will turn out happily if helped by good aspects of Venus and the Moon. Failing this, the position often indicates celibacy.
Ketu in Pisces is again a sign of deceit in love, and of infidelity. The native unconsciously indulges in gossip which is detrimental to him. The position also brings physical and moral sufferings, brought about through the native himself. A general indolence is indicated, which can be modified by a good aspect of Mars. Stability in matters connected with the affections will never exist.
Rahu in the sign of discrimination and purity shows these are the qualities that will lead to growth and progress in this life. The hidden ‘Christ within’ must be expressed through service. Ketu in Pisces would show past tendencies of escapism, copping out of responsibility; and it would be easy to follow that pattern in this life, for the tendency could be there unless the rest of the chart showed differently. Senses and sensuality have been strong in the past; now the higher senses must prevail.
The object here is crystallization. The individual has to overcome past life superstitions which now impede his growth and see clearly the truth of all things before him. Prior tendencies to be dependent on others as well as to swim in the self-pity of non-achievements are strong obstacles to be dealt with and surpassed in the current life.
The individual must make every attempt not to allow himself to become bewildered amidst the maze of confusion that clouds his inner vision. Strongly conscious of trying not to hurt other people, he spends much effort to develop the ability to say what he really feels. In essence, his weak spot is hurting himself, even though he will have many opportunities in this life to know better.
He must work to build his confidence, from which he ultimately learns that nothing happens in his life until his goals and objective are clearly defined. In past incarnations, this individual was deceived by many through his over-compassionate tendency to fall for sob stories. Now, he still cringes at the sight of suffering, strongly feeling the emotion of other people’s pain. He thereby allows external sorrows to drain him of his strength, until he reaches the point where he’s had enough. Then the realization that his soft heart is his weak spot pushes him to his Virgo Rahu, where he begins to develop the ability to discriminate between what is truly worthy of his sympathy and what is indeed fantasy!
He spends much time in the current life sifting through his value systems, discarding all that is uimportant, so that he may ultimately develop a filtering system which will enable him to make critical judgements without being swayed emotionally.
This incarnation is to teach him how to swim out of the pea soup he has fallen into; and what never ceases to amaze him is the fact that so subtle was his slipping into illusion that actually he never saw it happen.
He must try to avoid escapism and daydreaming at all costs, for in the end these weaken him to the point that he may forget how to function on the physical earth plane. From past incarnations his intuition uis unusually strong and accurate, but with it comes the Piscean depressions stemming from a sensitivity to other people’s disappointments.
In learning the karmic lesson of not to depend, he ultimately discovers that all those hs desired to lean on eventually come to lean on him. He constantly has to pull out of events, circumstances and relationships whose very heaviness cloud his vision. His own pity for other people can lead him into positions in which he spreads himself too thinly. Hating to tell people what they don’t wish to hear, he develops the art of subtlety.
One of his biggest lessons in this life is to develop the ability to say ‘no’ and mean it, for the softest plea from a tear-stained eye has always made him go back on his word. Well, he knows his own weaknesses, and it is through this knowledge that he can develop his greatest strength. By the refusal to be swept off his feet by emotion, he gradually swims his way out of confusion.
Many with this Nodal position have been through past-life persecution experiences, and as a result they develop a deep understanding of the pain of others. Still, they can be deceived by others, almost as if their inner gentleness becomes confused with weakness to the point of inviting again in this life the very persecution they are running from.
They have the ability to carry deep hurts within them for many years. Yet from time to time the build-up eats away at their nervous system.
Here the Virgo Rahu can act as a savior by cueing them into the diet and health conditions which will bring the most benefit.
These Nodes are especially helpful in the fields of medicine and healing, where the past-life carry-over of a strong compassion for humanity, coupled with a fresh desire for perfection, can be readily expressed. Idealism is high, but the soul’s memory of a lack of self-confidence brought about by so much past persecution makes it difficult for the individual actually to believe that he can reach his ideals. He has constantly to fight the tendencies he feels towards giving up. Ultimately it is the great wisdom learned through the bitter lessons of the Pisces Ketu that redeem him. For no matter how difficult conditions get, he still clings to his rainbow dream where peace and love rule the world.
He is highly critical of others when he sees them falling short of the perfected ideals he knows they are capable of reaching. He has to learn to put into practical use the essence of his own ideas which he has always vaguely felt but has been unable to verbalize. To the extent that this continues, he feels misunderstood. In times of need, he truly wishes for others to help him, yet he feels that it wouldn’t be fair to ask for such help. Instead, he keeps seeking out people with depth, silently hoping that they who can see through him will care enough to fathom his problems.
Constantly seeking warmth in others, he turns stone cold when in the company of coarse or crude individuals. One of the most beautiful things about the Pisces Ketu is that as the years go by he is afforded the opportunity to develop forgiveness for all those who have hurt him in this life as well as in past incarnations
These Nodes represent the clouds and the sunshine, the illusion and the real. Always seeking some better state, this individual eventually comes to learn why other people suffer so much. Until he learns this, he goes far out of his way at the risk of hurting himself to help any and all who suffer.
His current life karma is to strive for purification and perfection in himself, while tolerating with gentleness weakness in others. This brings him his biggest lesson - self-discipline! He must learn clearly when to let the water run, when to shut it off and when to alter its course.
He must not overlook details, for it is often the Piscean lack of attention to detail that causes him to miss the clarity of understanding he is seeking. By developing a clear perspective, he can start to avoid the tendency to excess that he has brought with him into this life.
If he is to be happy, his life must be dedicated to service rather than secretly wishing others to drown his past sorrows. His biggest lesson of all is never to doubt the purity of his objectives.
This individual is starting to make things work on the earth plane. In past lives, he developed an intuitive understanding of the nature by which man and machine function, but now he is confronted with putting this knowledge to use, rather than daydreaming about some future far-off moment when all his dreams might come true. He must be careful to make all times the present as well as all places here; for only through living in the here and now is he able to funnel into crystalline form the vast reservoirs of essences which he has accumulated through all his lifetimes.
He is to become the focusing lens on a form projector which contains millions upon millions of blurred negatives. Yet through his Rahu, he is capable of refining each one so that ultimately no knowledge he has ever acquired will be wasted. In effect, this is a rather frugal Node position. Here also the mind and life become as a machine, with all the separate parts forming an integral part of the whole. When any part of the life is not functioning properly, it must be immediately repaired or discarded.
The life is geared to striving to raise efficiency and order out of the sea of the Piscean whirlpool. Much prior life work was spent in renunciation. Now only vague memories remain. In this life, the individual must learn to display the perfected ideals he ahs achieved through giving up all but his appreciation of the Divine Essence.
The house position of the Ketu indicates the area in which a past incarnation reached Cosmic Understanding. The house position of the Rahu shows the area through which crystllization can now bring that understanding into material reality.
You need to learn to work. Your Pisces Ketu may reply ‘Yeah, but that means giving up my privacy’.
Your problem may be your inability to analyze feelings.
Possible reasons for this problem: excessive tolerance of unacceptable behavior from others; faulty reasoning; a tendency to gloss over flaws; a tendency to help others while letting your own life disintegrate; escapist tendencies; your early upbringing having led to a ‘you owe me’ attitude; your sense being over-active, overwhelming your logic.
Possible solutions: Channel your fantasies into creative work - poetry, fiction, psychology, etc.. Learn to rule your senses instead of letting them rule you. Learn to lie skillfully or speak the truth tangentially. Shun human contact as much as possible or try and reduce contacts with strangers as much as possible. Avoid over-eating, drinking too much, get stoned (looked down upon).
Health problems are a frequent manifestations of the Virgo Rahu - Pisces Ketu imbalance. These may be physical or mental, real or imagined. Both fear of people and excessive dependency are common - sometimes simultaneously. Compulsive over-eating or an obsession with thinness can be a manifestation. Occasionally I’ve seen this position in what I call the spiritual or psychological hypochondriac who drifts from guru to soothsayer to therapist looking for someone capable of solving his or her problems for him or her. Invariably, there’s a craving for happiness; however, the client can’t generally define what this happiness would entail, except to say there would be ‘no more problems’. Well-being improves when the Virgo Rahu’s potential for objectivity and practicality is channeled into some sort of meaningful work.
Some signs of an over-developed Pisces Ketu are: excessive daydreaming; constant requests for help; a ‘too sweet for words’ fa├žade; strange attitudes towards work; little control over emotions; masochistic or morbid tendencies; overall discontentment with his or her lot in life; shallownes and game-playing; moodiness; and a tendency to attract chaotic conditions and disorganized people.
Rahu in Virgo dreams of being the trusted second-in-command without whom things would fall apart. He or she wants to be a policy-maker or manager, or at least the chief executive’s right-hand person. He or she wants to be known as someone who can’t be deceived or boondoggled. This is generally a quiet person whose feelings are more important than logic in terms of outlining a direction in life. Instead of a policy-maker, he or she is generally a dreamer whose dreams seldom become realities. He or she lacks - or at least hasn’t developed - the analytical abilities inherent in the Virgo Rahu. He or she is vague about goals and vaguer still about how to realize them.
Antidotes for Virgo imbalance: Typing is a very helpful antidote, since it encourages neatness and order. The study of history is recommended if there’s aptitude along these lines. Gardening is a very good antidote. Weiting should be encouraged, with inspirational writing, social commentary, and ideas stressing reform being especially good. Public speaking should also be encourageed, with literary, analytical, scientific, and gardening topics being favored. Should there be no aptitude along these lines, an alternative topic should be sought according to the overall chart.
If career advice is sought, secretarial work is an obvious choice; however, few male clients are likely to find this attractive, no matter how much aptitude they have. Other good choices would be bookbinding, statistical work, historical work, work in a stationary store, and writing of any type. If the client is young enough and capable of receiving proper training, law or paralegal work might be considered. Again, you’d want to look for additional corroboration from the rest of the chart.
When Rahu is in Virgo in the twelfth or first house, there are usually problems connected with a lo self-image or a negative outlook on life. There’s often a history of restriction of some sort. In these cases, it would be a good idea to suggest professional counselling if the problems are severe. reading such as ‘I’m OK - You’re OK, Assagioli’s writings, and much of the literature on Gestalt Therapy (especially Fritz Perls’ writings) might also be helpful.
Certain hobbies could prove to be both enjoyable and beneficial as antidotes. Among these are music, bicycling, walking, and many types of volunteer work. Crafts of various types might also be considered if according to the client’s aptitudes. It’s common for clients in these categories to have no idea what they might be interested in - let alone good at - so you should be prepared to spend a fair amount of time exploring along these lines.
Previous incarnation for this person was quite a mediocre life. He did not have many opportunities because he could not properly identify them and use them. All he had was a great sense of instincts in that life. In this lifetime, he may not explicitly believe in inner instincts, as his logic and synthesis are well-developed. He would want to achieve things entirely by their use. However, as a fail-safe mechanism, he has been given the gift of ‘insight’ to things which he can use when in great need. Discrimination is one of his major enemies, and he often makes decisions based upon pre-discrimination. He has been given many opportunities in this life, but, at the same time, he has to achieve them very methodically. Thus, he cannot just skip and go on to the next game in life.
One challenge is how to relate your emotionally sensitive perceptions to the world in a way that becomes creatively positive and bridges both spiritual and physical realities. You tend to depend on others to define your life direction, perhaps through earlier social and parental conditioning, which also shapes your self-image.
Your weak spot is emotions. You will be highly compassionate, feeling the world’s suffering and pain due to empathic attunement to others’ anguish. This may inspire efforts to minimize pain for others, and will even be displayed through tact and diplomacy, often controlling what you say, feel, and think. You try to remold yourself to avoid giving offence to others; but in so doing, you can damage your integrity and become confused by ignoring the messages of your feelings. A combination of sympathetic sensitivity and inner / outer evasion can weaken and distort your energies and strength of identity, leaving you open to exploitation by unscrupulous characters.
Emotions will dominate judgements and decision-making; and you need clarity as to your real needs, desires, and thoughts. Saying ‘no’ to others poses problems, and you are easily undermined when others appeal to your vulnerable emotions and persuade you to change your mind. Self-assertion is required when you are confronted by others. Acknowledge the equal importance of your individuality, and be less passive and self-sacrificial in attitude.
Escapism, daydreaming, and fantasies attract, and you may retreat into an ideal and perfect inner world where all is good. This is the conflict between illusions and external reality which reflects the interplay between the Virgoan dream of perfection and the Piscean dream of idealism. A misapplication of these impair your ability to deal with the real world.
You can contribute to society when you work with your strengths, which emerge from an idealistic vision applied in daily life to benefit others. You may develop service concepts which embrace an understanding of how to serve, when to serve, how to receive from others, and how to recognize those you can benefit.
You may display idealism but, until you achieve self-confidence, may limit opportunities to manifest ideals, or even give up making the effort. Yet it will be the lessons learned from these struggles which strengthen you. Often disillusionment is a most effective teacher; the challenge is to continue to maintain your dream of peace and love ruling the world, despite the painful struggle. You have to live your vision, beliefs, and principles in the outer world; they have no reality if they remain as dreams. They need testing in the crucible of daily experience. Your sensitivity, spirituality, and vision of the ideal world need grounding; even in a small way, it is a step forward.
Facing conflict between illusion and reality, you always seek a better state for yourself and others. Much enlightenment can come when you realize why people suffer so much, but in this you also find the key to your own suffering. The deeper your self-understanding, the less you need to rely on others. The more you test your beliefs in real life, the more ideals can emerge in pragmatic and practical activity. You may find that directed imagination - perhaps through creative visualization techniques - especially benefits your self-healing transformation. Within the Virgoan service impulse of working for the community is a potential path which corresponds to the Piscean vision of fulfillment for all.
The mutable Earth sign, Virgo, calls for mobility, fluidity, and flexibility. In contrast to Leo, we should total up everything of real value in our life, and discard the pomp and circumstance. We must come to terms with the community in which we live and with the environment as a whole. The ‘You’ is clearly emphasized here.
Leo also lays emphasis on the ‘You’, but in Leo we are free to make an impression on the world. Virgo is a serving sign, in which we are in a weak position and more or less at the mercy of others. Society has the last word, and our partner tells us what to do. When the Node is in Virgo, we even have to let the world decide what good we are and assign us a place - not the place we may dream of occupying, but the one for which we are suited. Conformity and adaptability are keynotes of Virgo. Now, to have to knuckle under can be very tiresome, not to mention painful. For this reason, we find many Virgoans grumbling about the miserable circumstances they had to endure.
Of course, a readiness to fit in and find one’s proper place must not lead to identity loss - as can happen with hard aspects to the Node. Then one would end up in a state of alienation and become nothing and nobody.
The Node in Virgo should make us willing to adopt a positive approach to the people around us, and to see and understand what they really need before giving them what we have to offer. In the Virgoan Node, helping and serving are essential forms of expression of an active and practical love for others.

To Be Continued ...


GS Pattnaik said...

great...i dont know about my chart that much but bron of 05-06-1977,married, have a daughter... rahu in 10th house (virgo) and ketu in 4th house (pices)..it depicts my life...emotional nature..used by others..never told no to anybody..sacrificial tendency and deceived my loved ones all the time...by knowing that they do or will do again..still loved them all the time....am 33 today...and will have to chage my life...am in a middle level management (adminitration and finance) position...aim high...dont kno w daydreaming or what..but will try to accomlish my carrer goals it with realism...and will learn to say NO from here onwards...thanks for the wonderful article....

Unknown said...

Very helpful article. Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

The article seems right on the spot. Can you elaborate more on Rahu in Virgo in the 12th house, with moon in the same house? Is this responsible for constant negative thinking, and unwanted thoughts that involuntarily pop up in my mind and cause lot of anxiety? Is it responsible for irrational fears, anxiety and hopelessness, especially during Rahu mahadasha? Is there a solution to overcome the irrational thoughts? Meditation or praying is extremely difficult due to random thoughts popping up in the mind, because the thoughts never go away, they just keep escalating. Keeping busy all the time helps me ignore the irrational thoughts and fears.

Gagan said...

I was looking for an online classical reference and ended up reading very repetitive rubb*sh.

I advice the author to not be so passionate about your personal emotional or financial condition..
You may be doing damage to innocent young minds.

Out of several hundred classics - which one gives the past incarnations and karma of every sign? NONE

Readers should be wary of reading such depressed prose - Any planet in any sign , can give both good and bad results... Use better judgement, also before you advise gardening and poetry to a guy who drove to you in a BMW.

Predicting career was always a weak point in our system. Chinese 4pillars astrology (real BaZi) will give you a clearer picture there.

Sohini said...

Wow! This is a great article and highly informative. i have my rahu in Virgo (which is also my asc) in conjunction with Venus and subsequently ketu in Pisces. It suits my personality to a great extent.

can you kindly write something on budh graha and jatikas. my moon sign is gemini and i'm born under punarvasu nakshatra.

Anonymous said...

Its really a great article ; the person who is having a divine brain & wisdom can do such a things; but as a curious mind i just wanted to know the writer's astrological data. your Rahu & ketu lie in which signs. Anyways thanks for such an article. Reader if as a caution will read this article they will certainly get benefitted!

Unknown said...

This was very insightful and extremely helpful. Thank you very much.

Dhirendra Nath Misra said...

It is good Article.............I have to add here that Rahu in Virgo in 5th gives immense mental strength

Madhusudan said...

@ Mr. Dhirendra - Thanks for the contribution

Jaydeep said...

Did you really mean to write as a possible solution to “Learn to lie skilfully. Shun human contact as much as possible. Over-eat, drink too much, and get stoned.”?

Madhusudan said...

My sincere apologies, it was a mistake in writing, corrected!

Unknown said...

I have felt very much similar and j have my rahu at 8th house Virgo and ketu at 2nd house pisces.

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Are you for real? You are amazing with your writing. Are you still active?

Madhusudan said...

Yes, I am working on some articles, would come up next year

Vysakh said...

Thank you so much for sharing a great insight ... Everything resonated with me and my struggles .... Got some clarity ....